More Hulk FX Images UPDATED!

Sunday, April 13 2003

The following was sent to us by Hulk fan Robert N:

HI, I love your site,check it all the time. I have some new info you might want to update to your site. First i will like to show the e-mail reply i got from Kevin Yagher Productions on the question of their involvement in HULK and site updates.

Thank you for your interest and support. Within the next couple of weeks we will be updating our site and some Hulk pictures will be included. We built several things including a 1/3 scale life-like head & shoulder bust of the Incredible Hulk character so check back in a few weeks for all the details.


Johnnie Spence
Kevin Yagher Productions Inc.

So check their website url:

I have spotted one of the released HULK Behind-the-scenes photos on the german site



Thanks for the information Robert! reported back in January on Kevin Yagher's involvement on the film. Below is the image from of a prosthetic used in the film. The Hulk bust in the background is probably the one that Kevin sculpted.

UPDATE: The above picture was taken at Kevin's effects shop. The Hulk bust in the background is the maquette that he sculpted for the film. The prosthetic that he is working on is from the Nick Cage film, Adaptation.

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Check out the fan trailer here.


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