Review Of Hulk: Ultimate Destruction
Friday, August 26, 2005

Although I have already reviewed this game after it was previewed at both Wizard World LA and E3 earlier this Spring, now that the game is available, I thought that I would add a few more words. The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction has been receiving great reviews around the net. Click on the links below to see what a few of the mainstream game sites have to say about the game:

Stuff Magazine 10/10

Teamxbox 9/10

IGN 8.4/10

Cheat Code Central 4.5/5

Gamespy 4.5/5

Gamespot 8.2/10

1Up 8.5/10

Xbox World Australia 90/100 A-

I'm  not really what you would call a gamer; I rarely play video games and I when I do I loose interest fast.  But as everyone should be aware by now, I am a huge Hulk fan and if you are as well, then you MUST get this game.  Really.  If you don't already own a Xbox/PS2/Game Cube then go out and get one.  Now.

This game really captures what it is to be the Hulk. The game developers are huge Hulk fans and worked hard to bring the character from the comic book page into your hands.  They brought in comic book talents Paul Jenkins to pen the script and Bryan Hitch to design the characters.  Paul's story draws from the Hulk's rich history and really delivers a plot that all Hulk fans will enjoy.  Bryan is no stranger to the Hulk, having redesigned him for the Ultimates.  He really raises the bar on his designs for this game.  Check out his character sketches here.

Not only have the game developers managed to faithfully represent the Hulk's comic book roots, they have supported this game with A talent voice actors, composers and visuals.  But don't take my word for it, to truly see what a great game this is, go out and get this game now!


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