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Exclusive!! Images from Dale Keown's Hulk:The End!!

Thursday, February 28 2002

Check out these cool 3D renderings of the Hulk and Maestro.


James Schamus Interview

Thursday, February 27 2002

The Hulk to cost around $120 million.


Sam Elliot talks General Ross

Wednesday, February 27 2002

Sam Elliot talks about his preparations for the role of General Ross.


Bana on Hulk

Wednesday, February 27 2002

Bana calls himself 'ridiculously lucky.'


HulkMovie.com Teaser Poster

Tuesday, February 26 2002

The HulkMovie.com teaser poster has been posted.


Eric Bana Article

Tuesday, February 26 2002

Scans from the Australian magazine New Idea are up.


Green is good: Lucas taking on Universal's 'Hulk'

Monday, February 18 2002

Josh Lucas to play Glenn Talbot

Elliot confirmed as Thunderbolt Ross

Monday, February 18 2002

Ang called Elliot for the part.


Bana on Hulk Cast

Friday, February 15 2002

Confirms Nolte to Play Brian Banner.


Bana on Hulk

Tuesday, February 12 2002

Bana talks about how he will "Hulk-Out."


Bana Talks Hulk

Monday, February 11 2002

Eric Bana talks about his role.


Hulk to Film in SF in April.

Friday, February 8 2002

The Hulk will be in San Francisco this April.


Mychael Danna to Score The Hulk.

Thursday, February 7 2002

Hulk Producer confirms that Mychael Dana will score The Hulk.


Be a Hulk Extra

Thursday, February 7 2002

Information on being a Hulk extra in the Bay Area.


Ang Lee's Next Film

Tuesday, February 5 2002

Crouching Tiger Prequel in the works.


Message Boards Active

Friday, February 1 2002

Web Site and Message Boards Move to New Server.


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