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Hulk: Gray Preview

Friday, August 29 2003

Wizard Magazine has an 8 page preview of Hulk: Gray #1.

Classic Hulk Covers

Friday, August 29 2003

Alter Ego magazine asks what if The Incredible Hulk had continued past 6 issues.

Jeph Loeb Talks Hulk: Gray

Thursday, August 28 2003

Wizard Magazine talks to Jeph Loeb about Hulk: Gray.

A Matter of Abuse: The Controversy Behind The Incredible Hulk 312

Wednesday, August 27 2003

Barry Windsor-Smith, Bill Mantlo and The Incredible Hulk.

Hulk: The Making of a Monster Smash

Wednesday, August 27 2003

UK magazine Total Film Hulks Out!

Latest Details on The Hulk DVD

Tuesday, August 26 2003

The R2 Project has the full details on The Hulk DVD deleted scenes.

Latest Details on The Incredible Hulk DVD Box Set

Tuesday, August 26 2003

Click to be brought up to speed on the Hulk box set coming this October.

The Incredible Hulk 63

Tuesday, August 26 2003

Click to see the cover to the Incredible Hulk 63.

Enter the Krill!

Tuesday, August 26 2003

Bruce Jones and Mike Deodato talk to Newsarama about the latest Hulk arc.

Hulk Artist Signs 3 Year Exclusive Deal WIth Marvel

Tuesday, August 26 2003

Newsarama reports that Mike Deodato Jr. has signed a 3 year exclusive deal with Marvel.

Limited Edition NECA Hulk Mini Head Knocker

Tuesday, August 26 2003

Click below to order one of 1,000 Limited Edition Mini-Marvel Head Knockers!

Spotlight on Diamond Select's Ultimate Hulk Figure

Tuesday, August 26 2003

Click to go to American Dream Comics' spotlight on The Ultimate Hulk figure.

Hulk Smash Vegas!!

Friday, August 15 2003

Check out new images of Mike Hill's realistic Hulk Bust from the ImagineNation Expo!

Gamma Ray Weapons Could Trigger Next Arms Race

Friday, August 15 2003

Check out the New Scientist article on real life Gamma Bombs.

Hulk Concept Art and Silicone Bust

Tuesday, August 12 2003

Check out these new high quality production images.

Break it Down: Hulk

Tuesday, August 12 2003

Click to read the VFXPro interview with Chris Townsend, CG Supervisor at ILM.

Incredible Hulk Ultimate Collection DVD

Wednesday, August 6 2003

Universal to release a 6 disc set from the TV series this Fall!

New Contest

Monday, August 4 2003

After a few technical difficulties, the latest Hulk contest is underway.

New Hulk Wallpaper

Monday, August 4 2003

The Multimedia section has been updated with new wallpapers and more!

Classic Hulk Toys

Monday, August 4 2003

Click to see the official Toy Biz images of the new Classic Hulk figure assortment.

More on The Hulk DVD

Saturday, August 2 2003 has more info on the Region 1 and 2 Hulk DVD's!

The Hulk Illustrated Screenplay

Saturday, August 2 2003

The complete Hulk Illustrated Screenplay is available now!

Learn Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About The Hulk

Saturday, August 2 2003

Get the current prices and reviews of over 750 Hulk comic books!

Hulk Still on The Newsstands

Saturday, August 2 2003

The Hulk is on the cover of this month's Film Comment

Hulk Hands Marvel A Winning Quarter

Saturday, August 2 2003

Variety reports that The Hulk gave Marvel a boost last quarter.


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