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Ask Ang

Friday, February 28 2003

Ang Lee Answers questions from the fans.


Hulk Leads Onslaught of SuperHero Toys

Friday, February 28 2003

The Chicago-Sun Times talks about the Hulk's showing at this years Toy Fair.


James Schamus to Win a Writers Guild of America East Award

Friday, February 28 2003

Click to read Super Hero Hype's article on the Richard B. Jablow Award.


Info on the HulkMovie.com Updates

Thursday, February 27 2003

A ton of new updates ...finally!


The Hulk Movie Video Game

Thursday, February 27 2003

Info on the Hulk Movie game for the Gamecube.


Hulk Movie Merchandise

Thursday, February 27 2003

Click to see NECA's upcoming line of Hulk Movie merchandise.


Review of the Hulk Movie Script

Friday, February 20 2003

Click to read the Aint it Cool News review of the Hulk Movie script.


Upper Deck to do Hulk Trading Cards

Tuesday, February 18 2003

Click for more info on the new Hulk Movie trading cards.


New Hulk Toys to Debut at this Year's Toy Fair

Monday, February 17 2003

Click to read Entertainment Weekly's article on the new Hulk Movie toys.

James Schamus on the Hulk

Thursday, February 13 2003

James Schamus talks to USA today about the Hulk.


The Hulk Movie Game Site Opens

Thursday, February 13 2003

Click to visit Universal Interactive's Official Hulk Movie game site.


The State of Marvel Movies

Monday, February 10 2003

Click to read Newsweeks' article on Marvel movies.


The Hulk Movie Promo Program

Wednesday, February 5 2003

Universal announces the marketing muscle behind the Hulk Movie.


Jennifer Connelly to present at the Oscars

Tuesday, February 4 2003

Click to read Super Hero Hype's article on the Oscars.


Berkeley Cyclotron to Close

Tuesday, February 4 2003

The birthplace of the Hulk to close.


Will Stan Have a Cameo?

Tuesday, February 4 2003

Click to read about the status of Stan Lee's cameo.


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