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Advanced Light Source Building Tour

Thursday, January 31 2002

Click for a tour of the Advanced Light Source Building.


Advanced Light Source Building Quick Facts

Thursday, January 31 2002

Link to ALS info page.


The Hulk to film at Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory

Thursday, January 31 2002

Universal Studios tries to reach an agreement to film at the Advanced Light Source building.


Toy Biz Marvel Legends Hulk Figure

Tuesday, January 29 2002

Pictures of Toy Biz Marvel Legends Hulk Posted.


Director of Photography Announced

Wednesday, January 23 2002

Frederick Hulmes to be the Director of Photography for the Hulk.


Arad Talks Hulk

Tuesday, January 22 2002

Arad comments on the direction of the Hulk movie.


The Hulk and Bana's Next

Tuesday, January 22 2002

Bana talks more about his role.


Hulk Video Game

Wednesday, January 16 2002

Universal aquires rights to produce video games based on the Hulk.


Connelly on Hulk

Monday, January 14 2002

Jennifer Connelly talks more about the upcoming Hulk movie.


Bana on Hulk Franchise

Monday, January 14 2002

Erica Bana talks about a possible Hulk franchise.


Ferrigno in the Hulk

Tuesday, January 8 2002

Ferrigno Rumored to be in the Hulk Movie


Heartbeat Animation

Monday, January 7 2002

Flash Animation posted.


Arad Talks Hulk Special Effects
Friday, January 4, 2002
Hulk to be all CGI.

Bruce Jones Talks Hulk

Wednesday, January 2 2002

Writer Bruce Jones talks about the Hulk. Includes 4 page preview.


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