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The Incredible Hulk Smashes Comic-Con

The annual San Diego Comic Con starts today, and this will be our first chance to hear about how The Incredible Hulk is progressing directly from Marvel Studios. The Marvel Studios presentation will take place this Saturday, July 28 in Hall H.

4:15-5:00 Marvel Studios— Marvel Studios proudly presents its Summer 2008 blockbuster line-up! First up, in association with Universal Pictures, comes Marvel's exciting new take on superhero icon The Incredible Hulk. Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, William Hurt, director Louis Leterrier and producers Avi Arad, Gale Anne Hurd and Kevin Feige will be on hand to discuss. Next up, in association with Paramount Pictures, Marvel is proud to present the big screen debut of legendary Marvel hero Iron Man. Director Jon Favreau, producers Avi Arad, Kevin Feige, and Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey Jr., are proud to unveil exclusive, never before seen footage from the film. Don't miss this sneak peak at two of comics' biggest superheroes that is sure to be full of surprises. Hall H

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