October 2002 Archive


Hulk Thunder Clap

Tuesday, October 29 2002

Super Hero Hype has some details on the Hulk's thunderclap.

New Info on David Banner and Hulk Dogs

Thursday, October 24 2002

This weeks Wizard magazine has 6 pages of exclusive coverage on The Hulk.

New HulkMovie.com Wallpaper

Monday, October 21 2002

The new image from the splash page now is a desktop wallpaper.

Details on The Hulk Movie Toys

Monday, October 21 2002

Pre-Order the first wave of Hulk movie action figures from Discount Comic Book Service now.

Details on the First Hulk-Out

Monday, October 21 2002

Super Hero Hype posts some details from this week's Wizard magazine.

Eric Bana Interview

Monday, October 21 2002

Super Hero Hype has an excerpt from a radio interview with Eric Bana.

More on The Hulk Promotional Materials

Wednesday, October 16 2002

Get a closer look at The Hulk licensing pamphlet.

Bana Talks About Ang Lee

Wednesday, October 16 2002

Super Hero Hype has an excerpt from an interview with Eric Bana.

Hulk Gets a Haircut

Tuesday, October 15 2002

Like the new Hulk promotional image but hate his hair? Click below for relief.

Bana on The Hulk

Tuesday, October 15 2002

CountingDown.com has an interview with Bana from The Age up on their site.

More Hulk Promotional Images

Tuesday, October 15 2002

CountingDown.com has more images up from The Hulk promotional pamphlet.

And the Winner is...

Friday, October 11 2002

Click below to go to see the winners of the HulkMovie.com Teaser Poster Contest.

More on Eric Bana

Friday, October 11 2002

Read an excerpt from a recent article on Eric from his native Australia.

Bana Talks About His Role in The Hulk

Friday, October 11 2002

Super Hero Hype has an excerpt from a recent interview with Eric Bana.

News on TheHulk.com

Friday, October 11 2002

Dark Horizons has information on the changes in store for the official website.

His Power Unleashed

Thursday, October 10 2002

Super Hero Hype has a picture of The Hulk from recently released licensing materials.

CGI Hulk Details UPDATED

Sunday, October 5 2002

We've got some info on what we can expect ol' green jeans to look like.

HulkMovie.com Updates

Sunday, October 5 2002

In addition to moving to a new server, the Contest and Multimedia sections have been updated.

Hulk Scene Details

Friday, October 4 2002

One of the extras from the movie shares his experience with us.

Ang Lee Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Friday, October 4 2002

Award show to be re-broadcast this Sunday on the Bravo Channel.


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