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CCI Day 3: The Future of Marvel's Film Franchises Panel

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It was at this point that Borys introduced Louis Letterier, a man who only just signed on to direct the Hulk sequel three days ago.

"I've known these guys for a while," Letterier said of the Marvel Studios execs. "We've been running around each other like dogs in love."

Letterier admitted that he was initially apprehensive about following in the footsteps of Ang Lee, who helmed the first Hulk film, but after a meeting with the Arads, he was convinced that there could and should be another Hulk movie.

"I had to convince myself," Letterier explained, so he took it upon himself to draw up storyboards and conceptual art. This kind of initiative, Avi said, was how they knew they'd picked the right man for the job.

"The incredible Hulk will be born again," Avi said.

When asked how this film will differ from Ang Lee's vision, Ari said their intent was to make the "Hulk action-adventure movie" they'd always wanted to see.

"More hulk as hero, more savage transformations," he said. It will hearken back to the Hulk TV series, portraying Banner as a man on the road, struggling with his curse. General Ross was the only character from the first film that Letterier would confirm would be returning, but he did confirm the identity of the film’s villain: The Abomination.

"We needed an anti-Hulk this time," he said. "You have to believe the hero is in jeopardy."

Now that Marvel Studios is an autonomous production company, one fan asked about the chances of seeing characters cross-over from one film to another.

Avi said the "possibility excites all of us." It's no coincidence, he said, that the films they currently have in development could one day lead to an "Avengers" movie.

When asked whether the Hulk sequel will have any connection to the first film, Letterier avoided directly answering the question.

"The good thing about sequels," he began, "Is that you don't have to deal with the origin." It's not the origin that interests the director, so much as "the struggle, Banner's hate for this monster."

The degree to which the monster will or not talk remains up in the air, but Letterier did recount his recent meeting with TV's Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno.

"I wanna do the voice!" the bodybuilder had said. Ferrigno also reportedly gave Letterier his blessing.

Letterier characterized his vision of the Hulk as "Frankenstein meets [Doctor Jeckyll] with a little bit of 'Edward Scissorhands.'"

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