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SDCC '06: The Future of Marvel's Film Franchises Panel

The following was originally posted on Newsarama.com:

The highly-anticipated A Marvel Studios Production: The Future of Marvel’s Film Franchises panel at Comic-Con was held Saturday and Newsarama was there has has this following full report.

Kit then introduced the just-announced director of the second Hulk movie, Louis Leterrier.

Killing rumors, Kit said that the next Hulk movie will not be straight-to-DVD, and will not star David Duchovny or Brendan Frasier, as rumors have alluded to.

Letterier said that initially, he had reluctance to taking the job, given that he is a relatively unknown French director who would be following in the footsteps of Ang Lee, and said “No” when he was first offered. Later, on a trip to Hollywood, Letterier met with Arad, who whispered the pitch for the movie in his ear, and shortly afterwards, he decided that he wanted to do it, and accept the challenge of returning the character to film.

Letterier said that shortly after deciding to do the film, he started storyboards and put together concept art for the film, something, Arad said, convinced them that they had the right man for the job.

When asked by Kit how the new Hulk film will be different in tone from the first film, Ari Arad [Avi’s son and fellow producer} said that the idea behind the next movie is to make the Hulk the action/adventure movie that fans want to see.

"A lot more Hulk as hero," Arad said.

In teasing the cast, Letterier said that General Ross will return, as well as a new villain - the Abomination. The director said that he felt that the Hulk needed an opposite number, and will give the threatening feeling you find in other superhero movies, where the hero could actually dies at the hands of the villain.

In regards to the screenplay for the Hulk, Letterier said that they're currently shooting ideas back and forth, and will begin filming in April.

Feige said that Marvel is very open to the idea of films with more than one hero, noting that if you look at the films that have been announced, it's no coincidence that they are members of the Avengers.

Asked will the Hulk talk in the new movie, "We don't know about that," Letterier replied. "But I just met Lou Ferrigno, and he said, 'I want to do the voice’. So we'll see."

The director said that his Hulk will be less green, and that he loves the grey Hulk. All in all, the film will resemble the television show in its fundamentals, in that Banner will be on the run, and knows he is cursed with a monster inside him, and the challenge will be to see that the monster can also be a hero.

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