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Kevin Feige Interview

The following was originally posted on MTV.com:

After Spidey, Marvel To Focus On Hulk's Relaunch, Captain America's Big-Screen Debut

Meet the new president of production for Marvel Studios, a surprisingly fresh-faced exec with big plans for the comic book blockbusters you'll be lining up for over the next decade.

"We always stay true to what we feel is the right story to tell," Feige added, referring to Marvel's relationship with its Web-savvy fans. "But they can have more of an impact than they know."

If you live by the sword, you die by the sword, however, and those very same fans have voiced skepticism over Marvel's decision to rebirth the Hulk, a character whose 2003 movie was widely seen as a disappointment.

"[It's going to be] a little more Marvel," Feige explained. "[We want] to make it a little more true to the comics."

Feige wouldn't discuss the future of Eric Bana, who has said that he'd like to return for another shot as the big guy.

"It's much too early for specifics," Feige said. "But Hulk remains one of our biggest characters, second only to Spider-Man in terms of popularity, so we're going to bring it back to the screen in a big way."

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