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Marvel Movie Update

The following was originally posted on ComicBookResources.com:

With its second quarter report on Monday, Marvel Entertainment listed its movie schedule with no significant updates -- unless you listened to the webcast.

David Maisel, vice president of Marvel Studios, said that Marvel will have two independently produced films for 2008.

According to Maisel, one will be Iron Man, with a scheduled May 2 release. "We haven't said what the second film will be," he said.

Likely candidates for that position are Incredible Hulk, Ant-Man or Captain America.

Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige previously told The Continuum that Hulk could go into production as early as April, which would make it a strong candidate for 2008.

In addition to its two self-financed films, 2008 also could see a Wolverine film from Fox and a Punisher sequel from Lionsgate.

Maisel declined to list a budget for Iron Man and it was noted that Marvel gets $5 million from Sony when it options a Spider-Man sequel and another $5 million when the film goes into production.

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