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Hulk 2 Begins Shooting June 1st in Toronto

The following was originally posted on Moviesonline.ca:

My man in the know in the TDot AKA Toronto Canada dropped me word that Hulk 2 is in full swing. He also pointed out that he is fully aware that the Toronto Star says its not, and says HE is right, they are wrong. Bold statement, but my insider has never been wrong yet so I am going to trust him on this one. He says that all the pre-production departments are in full swing and shooting begins in the first week of June. I am really excited to see how this one ends up!

We had a chance to catchup with Avi Arad to talk to him about the upcoming Hulk 2 movie.

Q: How did you get to do a Hulk sequel when the first was a bomb?

AA: Well, first I don’t call it a bomb. I think creatively, it was a really interesting movie. And look at the weekends out there, the movie did $132 million domestic. I don’t know if you call it a bomb. Call the studios and make a deal with them. Whatever you put out there…

Q: Wasn’t it perceived as a disappointment?

AA: Yeah, because everything is compared to this one. I have some hair, but next to him I have none, so life is about comparison.

Q: When was the idea to say bring the hulk back and reinvent it?

AA: I always wanted to bring it back. I always said I’m going to bring it back and bring it back in a different way, and I think the movie is going to be spectacular. Not good, spectacular. Different.

Q: Already has a date?

AA: Yeah.

Q: Will it be under $100 million budget?

AA: I don’t know what you can do for under 100 these days.

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