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The Incredible Hulk Plot/Synopsis

The following was originally posted on Marvel.com as part of the press release announcing the casting of Edward Norton as Bruce Banner:

The story unfolds when the pursuit for The Hulk – the world's most misunderstood, primal force of fury – heats up, finding Bruce Banner on the run attempting to cure his condition before his pursuers capture him.

I really like the acknowledgment of The Hulk as "the world's most misunderstood, primal force of fury". This has me excited for the possibilities of this film and relieved that this film does not appear to be shaping up to be the "Hulk-lite" film that was mentioned before. How can it when the main protagonist is described as "a Primal Force of Fury", the director himself has referred to the Hulk as "Frankenstein meets Doctor Jekyll with a little bit of Edward Scissorhands" and the main lead has starred in serious roles ranging from Fight Club to American History X? Hulk fans should be pleased with this news.