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Important New Hulk Details from new Leterrier Interview

Thanks to Sarg92 and Bursly for finding this interview and translating it for us. Check out the full Interview here.

So here are the parts that have me excited:

LL: It won’t be a sequel to Ang Lee’s film but it won’t be a remake or a re-imagining either. It will be a new adventure with different characters, new intrigue, new monsters. We will quickly get to the heart of the story because I think people know the character and I don’t want to shoot 45 minutes to get to the first Hulk-out or about the reasons that make him a monster. The first movie had a lot of Bruce Banner’s story and a little of Hulk’s. This one will be 50/50.

So there it is, straight from the horse's mouth. NOT a re-boot, not a re-imagining, simply a new adventure staring the Hulk. I've posted as such numerous times, but it seems many are hell-bent on using the terms re-boot or do-over. It is not. The first film set up Banner's predicament; he's a man who, it times of stress, turns into a monster. That's all you have to know going into this film.

Interviewer: Lastly, what can we expect of the character’s design? Will you use the same as the previous movie?

No, he will be truly different...Also, I don’t want to have a 45 feet tall Hulk that gets bigger when he gets madder. I don’t want to make Godzilla. This Hulk will be 9 feet tall and his height won’t change.

So for those (myself included) that disliked the height of the Hulk from the last film, this is indeed great news!

And finally:

I see this character as a tortured soul, prisoner of his superpowers and always on the run by fear of hurting others. If I need to state any references, I’d say mostly Jeckyl and Hyde, Frankenstein and even Edward Scissorhands.

Haven't seen Edward Scissorhands in years, but "tortured soul, prisoner of his superpowers and always on the run by fear of hurting others" is quite promising. I liked the first film, quite a bit actually. An unpopular statement perhaps, but it is how I really feel. But what the first film lacked was this aspect of Banner's character. That he is a doomed man, a walking WMD. It is what made the television show so great. It wasn't the effects, it wasn't Ferrigno, it wasn't that Banner was a "man on the run"; what makes the show memorable 30 years later is the fact that the audience had a great deal of pathos for Banner and his plight. I sincerely hope that this new film can capture this aspect of the character, and I know that Norton is up to the task.

Bruno Tapia
Online Editor