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Interview: Kevin Feige on Marvel's Upcoming Films

The following was originally posted on IESB.net:

Yesterday the IESB, along with a group of online press, visited the set of Iron Man and had the opportunity to talk Kevin about the Marvel’s upcoming slate.

Kevin Feige: We’ve got the Incredible Hulk that will go into production, the day that [Iron Man] goes into post on July 9th, Hulk starts production in Toronto…We’ve just cast William Hurt, we announced that today, I will be headed to Toronto and the end of next week.

Q: How is this Hulk, the Incredible Hulk, going to be different from the first one?

KF: The Hulk movie will be different from the first one because this one will be good. (laughter) I really was looking, and we’re joking about it, but there were certain elements from the first film that I am very proud of and there are other elements that I am not. And the cast of the first film was spectacular, it was a great cast, you couldn’t ask for a better cast to come together than it did on that first movie, Eric Bana was great and frankly they were all great. But, in looking to reboot and start the franchise fresh and new, we wanted to start with a clean slate and it wasn’t, frankly, Eric Bana that I was looking at and saying we need to sort of improve upon, it was Bill Bixby. Because Bill Bixby is really, what I believe most of the fans and most of the audience have looked to when they think of Bruce Banner, when they think of that classic Hulk storyline. And I was thinking, who is that today? Who can get that kind of empathy across and who is just a great actor in any medium? And we started talking about someone like Ed Norton. It’s your dream in movies like this when you go from, “hey it would be great to have somebody like this!” And end up actually getting that person you were basing everything on.

Q: Did you think having the panel style of storytelling in that movie took away from the story?

KF: I don’t think it took away from the story I think it was very cool. I don’t think to make a comic book movie you have to have comic book panels going around. I think Spider-Man, Sam did an amazing job translating it and there weren’t any panels floating around. But, yes I thought he and his editorial staff did a great job on some pretty nifty transitions.

Q: What’s the budget going to be for Hulk?

KF:…the budget on Hulk is still coming together. Still coming together and you start July 9th you ask? Yes, it’s still coming together. (laughter) But, we’ll spend what it takes, we’ll spend the amount of money it takes to bring our man to life and the money it takes to bring Hulk to life.

Q: You’ve partnered up again with Universal to distribute, was that a contractual obligation or a choice?

KF: Part of it was that, part of it was continuity and energy that can be involved with NBC Universal. Mainly thought it was based on, yes, the relationship from the first film and certain agreements on getting the rights back.

Q: Hulk, when it comes to getting it out to the populace, how are you guys going to convince them to forget the last movie, this is the Hulk movie you should see. Are you going to let that stay in Universal’s hands and let them figure out how to market it?

KF: Certainly that’s their job on the film, to market it and to sell it. We have a lot of participation in that but I think it’s the same as with any movie. I think the casting announcements that we’ve given have given everybody pause, certainly looking at it in a new light as something interesting and worth a second look, I think that is a big part of it, I also think when people see a kick ass trailer it will change their mind. And when they see the redesign of the character and see the new texture and the new tone and the new vibe and the fun and the action and the smashing, that that will change everything. It’s very similar to, it’s any movie. I always thought Transformers would be a really cool film, I played with the toys as a kid. But, when I saw the first couple spots I said, I don’t know, but the most recent spots I saw I said, “buy me a ticket now!” And it’s that same kind of idea.

Q: Do you have a rating in mind for the Hulk, PG-13 or PG?

KF: PG-13.

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