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More SF Hulk Images

Monday, May 27 2002

More images from the set of The Hulk and a map of the area.


Yet Another Hulk Tralier...Sort Of

Monday, May 27 2002 has a great new dot-comics trailer for The Hulk.


The Hulk Already Being Edited?

Monday, May 27 2002

The Hulk is being cut at Universal right now.


New Aussie Hulk Article

Monday, May 27 2002

Australian New Weekly has a short article on The Hulk.


Connelly attacked by Hulk Dogs

Friday, May 24 2002

Dark Horizons has information on the filming in the Sequoia National Park.


Hulk is No Bigger than 15ft and has Purple Shorts

Friday, May 24 2002

An extra from the set talks about The Hulk.


New Pictures from the set of The Hulk UPDATED 5/22

Tuesday, May 21 2002

Pictures and Bruce and Betty hugging in the streets of SF.


Lou Spotted In SF

Wednesday, May 14 2002

Jennifer Connelley and Lou Ferrigno sightings in SF.


The Hulk to Film Throughout the Summer

Wednesday, May 14 2002

The Huk will wrap up filming in the fall.


New Fan Trailer Online

Tuesday, May 14 2002

Check out's made for the web trailer.


New vBulletin Message Boards

Tuesday, May 14 2002 has a nifty new message board service.


More SF Hulk News

Monday, May 13 2002

Dark Horizons has a link to more Hulk news.


Lee Respects Fans

Saturday, May 11 2002

Counting Down has a link to an Ang Lee interview.


Banner to Remember Hulking Out

Friday, May 10 2002

Coming Attractions has info on Banner's memory loss.


More on SF Filming

Friday, May 10 2002

SF Gate has a great story on the filming taking place in the Bay Area.


The Hulk Ammunition Heavy

Friday, May 10 2002

Dark Horizons has info on the ammo used in The Hulk.


More Pictures from SF Filming

Tuesday, May 7 2002

Coming Attractions has pictures up of Gen. Ross and 107 more.


Hulk Moves to Oakland

Monday, May 6 2002

The Hulk is now filming in Oakland.


More News and Pictures From The Hulk Set

Monday, May 6 2002

Ain't It Cool News has more details and pictures from The Hulk set.


Hulk Teaser to be Attached to More Movies

Sunday, May 5 2002

The Hulk Teaser is a huge success with audiences.


More Exclusive Pictures From Vallejo Street Filming

Sunday, May 5 2002

Pictures are up of the Military chasing The Hulk.


More on SF Filming

Sunday, May 5 2002

Coming Attractions has details from the filming that took place this past weekend.


Exclusive Pictures From Yesterday's Filming

Saturday, May 4 2002

Pictures are up of the Cable Car, Chopper, and even Stan Lee.


Universal Acquires Good Machine and Merges it with USA Films

Friday, May 3 2002

New entity, to be called Focus, will be headed by David Linde and James Schamus.


Hulk Trailer Transcribed

Friday, May 3 2002

For those without Quicktime 5, here is a transcription of The Hulk teaser.


Stan Lee's Thoughts on The Hulk Movie

Friday, May 3 2002

IGN/FilmForce has an interview with Stan Lee.


More News From The Hulk Set

Thursday, May 2 2002

Ain't It Cool News has more details from The Hulk set.


2nd Hulk Trailer to Debut with Lord of the Rings 2

Thursday, May 2 2002

The first trailer is with Spidey, the next will be with the Two Towers. is Active!

Thursday, May 2 2002 is active and it's got the teaser trailer!!


Photos from The Hulk Cable Car Scene

Thursday, May 2 2002

Coming Attractions has more details and photos from The Hulk cable car scene.


The Hulk to Film In Apple Valley This Weekend

Thursday, May 2 2002

Super Hero Hype has information on where The Hulk will be filming this weekend.


More on The Hulk Cable Car Scene

Wednesday, May 1 2002

Coming Attractions has more details from The Hulk cable car scene.


More on The Hulk Teaser Trailer

Wednesday, May 1 2002

Comics2Film has more details on The Hulk Teaser.


More on The Hulk Cable Car Scene

Wednesday, May 1 2002

Super Hero Hype has more details from The Hulk cable car scene.


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