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Avi Arad On The Hulk

The following was originally posted on Superherohype.com:

This is a big year for Marvel Comics and next year's going to be a big one for Marvel Studios, so producer Avi Arad has a lot of his plate right now. "Every year is a big year," he told us, and when asked what they might have coming up after Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk he replied, "This is enough for now. They're starting production in March on one and the other one in June."

He also shared the story of how he picked Louis Leterrier to make the Hulk sequel, since he directed one of our favorite action movies Unleashed: "Actually, Louis turned me down the first time, and then I met with him again and I had laryngitis, so I pitched him the story for 40 minutes. I think he felt so bad, he really listened, but he fell in love with the project. Then we met in France, and he went home and actually did some homework and came back with storyboards and amazing art, and I knew he was hooked. We love him, he's a great filmmaker."

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