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Peter Gallagher NOT Bruce Banner In The New Incredible Hulk Film

The following was originally posted on IESB.net:

So can the OC star be the next Dr. Bruce Banner in the Marvel retelling of the Incredible Hulk? Or a villain or supporting character?

This morning I received a very interesting email from one of our readers. Before you read the following, I want to be very clear on this, I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO CONFIRM ANY OF THIS! Okay, here it is:

Thought you might be interested. My fiancee works at the CW network in **********. We just watched that last episode of THE OC on screener. Not bad. If you want spoilers, email me. Anyway, thought you'd be interested to know that Peter Gallagher has been up [he may have it by now? or not] for a role in the "Hulk" sequel. His scenes on the final episode had to be shifted around, because of some kind of test on the movie. Anyway, could be old news....


Update: Gallagher's publicist just gave us a call with another quick update, so what did she have to say? That the story is not accurate. He has not yet read for a role and as far as she knows no casting has been done for the film.

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