June 2002 Archive


James Schamus honored at the Nantucket Film Festival

Monday, June 24 2002

James receives NBC's Screenwriter's Tribute at the 2002 Nantucket Film Festival.


Eric Bana on Entertainment Weekly's IT List 2002

Monday, June 24 2002

Entertainment Weekly has a brief interview with Eric Bana.


Hulk will be Naked

Monday, June 24 2002

Entertainment Weekly reports that the Hulk will be naked.


HulkMovie.com updates

Thursday, June 20 2002

See what HulkMovie.com has in store for the Summer.


5 Page Preview of Incredible Hulk: The End

Thursday, June 20 2002

Click to read the first few pages from Incredible Hulk: The End.


Hulk Dogs Rumor False

Thursday, June 20 2002

Peter David proves the Hulk Dogs rumor is bogus.


Shots of Eric Bana as Dr. Banner

Wednesday, June 12 2002

Keneseo, the creator of the first Eric Bana forum, shares some pictures.


Gamma Bomb Replaced With Radiated Dogs...?

Wednesday, June 12 2002

A follow-up of a previous story concerning gamma-radiated dogs in the upcoming movie.


Exciting Hulk Scene Revealed

Wednesday, June 12 2002

An insider details play by play of Ang Lee directing an exciting Hulk encounter.


Problems on the Set...

Wednesday, June 12 2002

Super Hero Hype reveals that there are problems arcing during production.


Marvel Talks About the Hulk at the NYC Licensing Show

Wednesday, June 12 2002

Upcoming details of Hulk on the silver screen and small screen are revealed


Universal Announces Hulk Movie Video Game for Summer 2003

Wednesday, June 12 2002

Universal announces upcoming Hulk video game.


Peter David to Write Hulk Movie Adaptation, Yea!

Wednesday, June 12 2002

One of the Hulk's best writers has signed to write the movie adaptation.


Marvel Comics CEO Talks About the Hulk Movie

Wednesday, June 12 2002

Super Hero Hype quotes Avi Arad's thoughts about Eric Bana.


Hulk Movie Site Updated

Wednesday, June 12 2002

Super Hero Hype reports that the official Hulk site contains new goodies like AIM buddy icons.


Gamma Radiated Dogs to Play Part in Movie

Wednesday June 12 2002

Super Hero Hype gets the scoop that gamma radiated dogs are to play a part in the movie.


Shooting Update: Ang Lee at Work

Wednesday, June 5 2002

A fan gives us an inside scoop at a Hulk rampage scene.


Shooting Update: Cal State University, Northridge

Wednesday, June 5 2002

Looks like Jennifer Connelly can be seen at CSU.


Stan Lee Films His Hulk Cameo

Wednesday, June 5 2002

Super Hero Hype discusses Stan Lee's upcoming cameo filming.


Studio Lot Pictures

Wednesday, June 5 2002

A fan shares pictures of the Hulk's filming lot with Super Hero Hype.


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