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E! The Hulk Behind The Scenes Segment

Saturday, May 31 2003

Super Hero Hype has a link to the E! Hulk behind the scenes segment.

The Hulk Video Game Behind The Scenes Segment

Saturday, May 31 2003

Super Hero Hype has a link to the Hulk video game's behind the scenes segment.

AWESOME New Hulk Images

Friday, May 30 2003 has scored a great set of new images.

John Turman Talks About The Hulk

Friday, May 30 2003

Click to read a great interview by Rob Worley with screenwriter John Turman.

New The Hulk Pics

Thursday, May 29 2003

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly has a bunch of awesome new pics!

Ang Lee WIRED Interview

Thursday, May 29 2003

WIRED Magazine asks Ang Lee a few questions.

Hulk Smash Jackpot

Thursday, May 29 2003

Pennsylvania State Lottery Commission to offer a $2 Hulk lottery ticket.

How Bana Became The Hulk

Thursday, May 29 2003

The Sydney Morning Herald has a great article on the making of The Hulk.

Lou Ferrigno Q & A

Thursday, May 29 2003

Lou Ferrigno answers fans questions from the Electronic Arts Sweepstakes.

Lou Ferrigno Talks About The Hulk

Wednesday, May 28 2003

Lou Ferrigno talks to Comics Continuum about the Hulk.

Ultimate Hulk

Wednesday, May 28 2003

Eric Bana explains to Empire Online what Ultimate Fighting has to do with The Hulk.

"The Hulk Deserves an Oscar Nomination for Best Actor"

Wednesday, May 28 2003

James Schamus talks about the Hulk.

The Hulk Clocks in at 135 Minutes

Tuesday, May 27 2003

The Hulk will run 135 minutes and open on 2750 locations on June 20th.

Multimedia Section Updated

Tuesday, May 27 2003

Over 900 images are now available for your viewing pleasure!

Ask Ang

Tuesday, May 27 2003

Ang Lee answers questions from the fans.

More Hulk News

Monday, May 26 2003

Click to get all all the info on the Hulk's magazine and TV appearances this month.

The HULK-A-THON is Coming

Monday, May 26 2003

ABC Family will have a HULK-A-THON on June 21-22.

The Hulk TV Specials in June

Saturday, May 24 2003

MTV and the Sci-Fi Channel will both be airing Hulk Specials in June. Reviews The Hulk Video Game

Saturday, May 24 2003

IGN gives the Hulk an overall score of 8/10.

Indiana Banner? UPDATED

Saturday, May 24 2003

The Lair of the Grey Hulk has three new images up, including one of Bruce in the jungle.

Win a Chance to Attend an Advance Screening of The Hulk

Saturday, May 24 2003 is sponsoring a new contest.

7-11 Hulks Out

Friday, May 23 2003

7-11 becomes the Hulk's latest sponsor.

Mountain Dew Hulk Commercials Online

Friday, May 23 2003

If you've missed them on TV, click here to check them out!

New Dynamic Forces Hulk 1:1 Bust

Friday, May 23 2003

Alex Ross and Mike Hill bring you their latest masterpiece, with exclusive images!

The Hulk Official Movie Souvenir Magazine

Friday, May 23 2003

Titan Magazines releases the Official Souvenir Magazine with three different covers.

More News on The Hulk Video Game

Friday, May 23 2003

Sci-Fi Wire has an article on what to expect in the new game.

Eric Bana and Jennifer Connelly on The Hulk

Friday, May 23 2003

Comics Continuum has excerpts from a recent interview.

More Hulk Soundtrack News

Friday, May 23 2003

The Hulk Soundtrack cover image released.

Diamond Select Hulk Statue Available Now

Friday, May 23 2003

Hulk 12" statue available now!

Diamond Select Releases a Ton of Hulk

Friday, May 23 2003

Busts, statutes, toys and more!

New Sweepstakes on

Friday, May 23 2003

Win a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood or Universal Orlando Resort.

Eonline Reveals Details of The Hulk Plot

Friday, May 23 2003

Eonline has spoilers on the film's villain.

More Info on "Set Me Free"

Wednesday, May 21 2003

"Set Me Free" written specifically for The Hulk.

New The Hulk TV Spots

Wednesday, May 21 2003

Dynamic Forces has some info on the new Hulk tv spots.

New Wicked Cool Stuff Contest!

Tuesday, May 20 2003

Enter to win the real cookie monster!

Hulk Behind The Scenes Video Showing at UA Theatres

Tuesday, May 20 2003

Click to read Super Hero Hype's article on the making of the Hulk video.

Ang Lee's Transformation

Sunday, May 18 2003

The Hulk was a great experience.

Hulk Smash E3

Sunday, May 18 2003

The Hulk Game Smashes E3!

Smash Vegas Like Mr. Fixit

Sunday, May 18 2003

Learn to beat the house with a deck of new Hulk Playing Cards.

Hulk Hands Commercial

Sunday, May 18 2003

Watch the Hulk Hands on TV.

Smash-Proof Food

Sunday, May 18 2003

The Hulk continues to infiltrate everyday life. Updated

Friday, May 16 2003 has been updated with new wallpapers, screen savers, interviews and more!

The Hulk Invades Movie Theatres

Thursday, May 15 2003

The Hulk is at theaters now...sort of.


Official News on The Hulk Soundtrack Release Date

Wednesday, May 14 2003

The Hulk (Score) soundtrack will be released on June 17th.


New Hulk Short Film

Wednesday, May 14 2003

Check out this awesome new Hulk Short Film by Nick Kougioulis!


Hulk Does the Dew

Tuesday, May 13 2003

New Mountain Dew Hulk commercial begin to appear.


The Hulk Will Not Speak

Tuesday, May 13 2003

The latest issue of Cinescape has the scoop on what the Hulk will or will not say.


New Hulk Controllers for PS2, Game Cube and XBox

Tuesday, May 13 2003

Don't play the new game without the proper equipment.


Incredible Article on The Hulk in The NY Times

Sunday, May 11 2003

James Schamus writes an excellent article which features a stunning image of the Hulk.


More News on Elfman's Score

Saturday, May 10 2003

Elfman is the studio now until the 15th.


The Hulk Freezes Over

Friday, May 9 2003

Check out the latest Hulk endorsement.


The Hulk Flexes his Marketing Muscle and a New Pic

Friday, May 9 2003

The Hulk ads to start running this Sunday with the NBA playoffs.


More on Elfman's Score

Friday, May 9 2003

CD to be released this Tuesday.


New Hulk Animated Series

Friday, May 9 2003

Jason Marden will do voice work for the new Hulk cartoon.


Lee Still Hard at Work on The Hulk

Friday, May 9 2003

You will believe that a man can Hulk-out.


Hulk Video Game Demo Available Now

Thursday, May 8 2003

Download the demo and preview the new game now.


Hulk Hands Across America

Thursday, May 8 2003

The Hulk Hands are on route to becoming a pop culture phenomenon.


Enter the Forces Contest NOW!

Thursday, May 8 2003

Find out more about this first of many sponsored contests.


Buy Hulk Stuff at the Store

Thursday, May 8 2003

Go to the store to satisfy you're Hulk cravings.


Hulk Smashed?

Thursday, May 8 2003

Check out the Hulk Piñata!


Hulk Smash Halloween

Thursday, May 8 2003

Check out these great new Hulk costumes. goes Live!

Tuesday, May 6 2003

Check out now!


The Hulk as an Art Film

Tuesday, May 6 2003

Aint It Cool News has a great article on The Hulk.


The Hulk v.s. The Terminator

Monday, May 5 2003

Playboy pits these two against each other and has an article on the film.


New Hulk DVD This Tuesday

Monday, May 5 2003

Lou Ferrigno will be in NY to autograph copies.


The Hulk v.s. Wolverine

Sunday, May 4 2003

UK Magazine Dreamwatch previews The Hulk.


Wizard Spotlight on The Hulk

Sunday, May 4 2003

This weeks Wizard magazine has a 4 page article on The Hulk.


LA Times Features The Hulk

Sunday, May 4 2003

The LA Times has an excellent, very informative article on The Hulk.


The Hulk on TV Guide

Sunday, May 4 2003

Remember the 3 R's: reading, writing and renewing TV Guide.


New Images from The Hulk

Friday, May 2 2003 has a ton of new images from the Hulk up now.


New The Hulk Trailer up Now!!

Thursday, May 1 2003

Click to go directly to the new Hulk Trailer. Multimedia Section Returns

Thursday, May 1 2003

Click to get your Hulk fix


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